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10 Things Every Dancer Should Have in Their Bag:

10 Things Every Dancer Should Have in Their Bag:

🩰Dance Shoes-Obviously! Those en pointe should have proper padding. Make sure to mark all shoes with your name or initials.

💜Cover-ups/Warm Ups-Every dancer should be coming to class with warm-ups on and leaving class in them. This allows muscles to warm up and cool down properly. It also keeps dancers safe walking through parking lots and public areas.

💦Water! Lots of Water!

🍓A healthy, Mess Free Snack is always needed in your bag. Eating healthy and taking in enough calories are important during long classes, shows, and rehearsals. Making sure it is mess free is important in theaters and while in costume. Goldfish, cheese sticks, some fruits, or peanuts are great examples of a mess-free snack!

Sewing Kit- You never know when a costume may rip, pointe shoe ribbon might pop off, or leotard may need adjusting. Having a small sewing kit with a few needles, scissors, and a spool of thread is always good to have in emergencies.

💈Hair accessories-Having your hair out of your face properly for the class is important. Look like a dancer, feel like a dancer! Bobby pins, hair ties, hair nets, and hair spray are always important to have. Pack your favorite accessory or bow to stand out in class or at auditions!

💜Feminine Products

Ladies, this is a no-brainer! Just pack extra!

🤕Bandaids, KT Tape, Braces, Ect.

Any physical activity means cuts, bruises, and potential injuries. Prevent any future injuries with KT tape. Talk to your dance teacher about it and how to tape your body properly. If you have a previous injury, carry a brace or wear a brace during class time.


Again, Injury prevention! Therabands are a great way to strengthen your body. They are small and light and won’t weigh down your dance bag.

🎾Tennis Ball, Roller

Sore muscles are bound to happen. Tennis balls are great for rolling out those muscles. You can also purchase foot rollers, running sticks, or foam rollers to help with sore muscles and again, aid in injury prevention.